Our References

Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation PCL.

Odoo ERP system implementation for Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation Public Company Limited and 10 affiliated companies that operate sugar, electricity, pulp, fertiliser, and ethanol business by developing through Odoo ERP software since Budget, Purchasing,Sales, Accounting /Finance, Office Supply/Inventory, Transportation, Farming system (cane crushing), Weighing room,  and production/quality control system.

Chanintr Living Co., Ltd.

Chanintr Living Company Limited operates a retail business of furniture, home and office accessories. Leading brand in Thailand, Almacom has made Migration data with old system to Odoo ERP include with interface with Chanintr Application and has developed software to meet the needs of work in the field of Purchasing (Make to order), Sales/Consignment, Warehouse management, Transportation, and Accounting/Finance system..

GGC KTIS Bioindustrial Co., Ltd.

GGC KTIS Bio-Industrial Company Limited is a joint venture company between GGC (PTT) and KTIS to operate biochemical business (Biochemicals). Almacom has been entrusted to develop Odoo ERP for various systems in the organization including budget, Purchasing, Office Supply/Inventory, Sales, Accounting/Finance, Transportation, Ethanol production, Electricity and wastewater treatment system including the interface with the Farming system (API sugarcane data into the Odoo ERP system).

Naraipak Co., Ltd.

Naraipak Co., Ltd. operates business related to the manufacturing and distribution of plastic bags, Almacom implements and develops Odoo ERP systems in terms of purchasing , sales (domestic/export), Warehouse management, Accounting/Finance Production/Quality Control and Production costing according to user requirements.

National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC)

National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC) under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

Almacom has developed a management system for analytical testing services and scientific instruments to government agencies of the Center for Nanotechnology by using the software Odoo ERP Community version as a basic to develop the system to be able to use it effectively.

Shining Gold Group

OpenERP/Odoo System with special manufacturing for GOLD and special Sales module for Gold Shops. Implement ERP using Thai accounting, stock, purchase, sales, special design sales module for gold shops, and production modules. Synchronise real-time sales from shop to main database which locate at the factory. Manufacturing module has features of automatic computerisation for procurement planning, forecasting and scheduling.

Honda Rama 3 Group

Odoo ERP System with Car Dealer Management. Almacom implement ERP system using Thai accounting, stock, purchase and sales for car business. The special features for car automobiles include importing data from DMS to Pentaho and writing in ERP. Import data from SAP B1. Synchronise all databases (9 branches) to a centralised database.

  • Rental System (Phase 1: Back-end) : Implementation of Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting and Car Rental Modules

  • Rental System (Phase 2: Front-end) : Implementation of Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting and Car Rental Modules

  • Real Estate Rental Module : Implementation of Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting and Rental Modules

  • Implementation and customisation of ERP system for 6 companies in Honda Rama 3 Group

Atlas Copco (Thailand) Ltd.

Odoo ERP System for Direct Ordering and  Stock Management

Enables customer to ask for questions, make purchase orders and monitor status using the web interface. Integrates stock management features to control consignment stock. 

  • 160,000+ Products 

  • Automatic real-time synchronisation with Scala System

  • Phase II Direct Ordering and Stock Management System 

Pakchong Cooperative

Odoo ERP System for Dairy Cooperatives Management.

Implement ERP using Thai accounting, stock, purchase, sales, point of sale (special design POS) and HR. The special features for Cooperatives management include Finance and Loan module. The ERP is interfaced with legacy software such as milk collection, deposit and share management.

J.F Advance Med Co., Ltd.

Odoo ERP System for Medical Products.

Implementation of Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Thai Accounting modules and Custom reports.

Precise System and Project Co., Ltd.

Precise System and Project Co., Ltd. carries out a  manufacturer and distributor business on electricity and power. Almacom implementation the Odoo ERP system to manage sales, purchase and full Thai accounting.

Quick Leasing Co., Ltd.

Odoo ERP system for Implement Thai Accounting module for leasing business for head office and more than 150 branches.

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